Aposen Vacuum cleaner purchase guide

The best vacuum cleaners may all be good at the same central task – cleaning your home – but you'll find many of them go about it in different ways.

Is it difficult to choose? This article will help you choose the best option for you.

APOSEN Robot Vacuum1500Pa A450 White - Aposen
APOSEN 3.2CU Red Refrigerator AR32 - Aposen
ProductH10H10SH120H150H250H250(red)H251New products on the road
Charging Time5.5h5.5h5.5h5.5h5.5h5.5h5.5h
Longest Use Time35min30min35min30min30min30min30min
Dust Cup1.2L1.2L1.2L1.2L1.2L1.2L1.2L
Cleaning Path9.05in9.05in9.05in9.05in9.25in9.25in9.25in
Brushless Motor
Brush OptionMotorized floor brush/ crevice nozzle / round pet hairbrushMotorized floor brush/ crevice nozzle / round pet hairbrushMotorized floor brush/ crevice nozzle / round pet hairbrushMotorized floor brush/ crevice nozzle / round pet hair brushMotorized floor brush/ crevice nozzle / round pet hair brush Filtration accuracy of PM0.1 which captures 99.99% of the microscopic dust. HEPA can be washableMotorized floor brush/ crevice nozzle / round pet hair brush/46cm extension hose/electric sofa brush

1. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner H120

Super Long-lasting

✓【Strong Suction with Motorized Head 】

✓【4 in 1 Design Fits All Cleaning Works】

✓【Guaranteed with 99.99% Filtration System】

✓【The Most Ergonomic Extension Wand & Wall Mount】

✓【Two Adjustable Modes with Motorized Head 】

This cordless vacuum cleaner is very handy around the house, your car etc. and has much going for it: 

1 - It's more powerful than the typical compact hand-held Vacuums 

2 - Easy/no-mess to clean. No need for bags3 - Comes with a long lasting battery of 30+ minutes that has

3 LEDs for capacity reading 

4 - Extendable aluminum tube lets you reach the ceiling or top of drapes easily 

5 - Fairly quiet and slim and can easily fit in a closet 

However, to set your expectations note that: 

1 - It's not likely to completely replace a corded Vacuum cleaner because those are much more powerful 

2 - Although it has a rotating brush, it cannot dig deep into thick carpetsOverall, a worthy mid-power vacuum cleaner for light vacuuming jobs or away from an outlet.

2. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner H120(Electric Turbine Brush)

Upgraded Powerful Suction

✓【Powerful Digital Motor】

✓【35 Mins Long-Running Time 】

✓【Prevent Secondary Pollution】

✓【Lightweight& 4 in 1 Design& Wall Mount】

✓【270° LED Floor Brush Head】

Comparison with H120, 

H120 (Electric Turbine Brush) have high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner, with a powerful motor and suction power up to 10000pa, can be thoroughly cleaned on any floor, carpet, curtains, furniture and even the ceiling, and can be used in the entire family and car.


- Brushless Motor


- easy to use / move around changing directions 

- easy to clean areas like under the bed or couch

- good for light vacuuming 

- super easy to clean the inside

- have two strengths mode 


 - might not be suitable for primary vacuuming, you might want something stronger if you have a bigger household than one or two people living situation

3. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner H250

Max Suction:18Kpa 

✓【Ultra-quiet & 250W Powerful Suction】

✓【2200mAh Large Battery】

✓【High Efficiency Filtration System】

✓【Upgrade Motorized Floor Head】

✓【Extension Wand & Wall Mount】

It’s best for hardwood floor cleaning, especially in dark spaces since it has a light that helps you see the area you’re approaching. The cleaning path is about 10 inches. 

h250 suction: 24000pa, h120 suction: 10000pa 

h250 running time: 7kpa / 30 minutes, 24kpa / 15min 

h120 running time: 6kpa / 35 minutes, 10kpa / 20min 

h250 two modes: 24 / 7KPA 

h120 two modes: 10 / 6KPA 

h250 power: 250W 

h120 power: 120W 

h250 floor brush: upgrade floor brush based on h120 

h120 floor brush: ordinary floor brush 

h250 floor brush head with led light 

h120 floor brush head without led light

4. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner H250(red)

HEPA can be washable

✓【18000pa Super Suction】

✓【Large 2200mAh Battery】 

✓【Twice the Traditional Filtration System】

✓【Lightweight & Multifunctional & Wall Mount】✓【Ordinary Vacuum Cleaner 2.5 Times】

Included Components 

✅ Super Long-lasting Battery & Powerful Suction 

✅ High-efficiency Cyclone + HEPA Filtration System

✅ Convenient Cordless Using + Widely Applicable Two Modes 

✅ Product Model: Cordless Vacuum H250(Red) 

✅ Vacuum: 7kpa/24kpa 

✅ Rated Power: 250W 

✅ Charging Time: 4.5H 

✅ Dust Cup Capacity: 1.2L 

✅ Extension Bar: 3.7ft- 4.65ft

✅ Rated Voltage: 22.2V 

✅ Usage Time: 30mins(low speed)/12mins(high speed)

5. APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner H251

Best Aposen suction ever

✓【18000PA Suction & 250W Brushless Motor】

✓【Upgraded High Efficiency Filtration System】 

✓【2200mAh Large Battery】 

✓【Lightweight & Extension Wand & Wall Mount】 

✓【Upgrade Motorized LED Floor Head】

The research and development of H251 is based on H250.

It is an upgraded version of H250. H251 can meet people's more needs, suitable for carpets, floors, stairs, cars, kitchens, gaps. And light weight, the elderly and children will not be strenuous to use, and it will not hurt your wrist. 

H251 adds electric sofa brush, which can be used on sofa and bed, and a 46cm hose, which can be used with other accessories. Then we got it in our car, it was perfect. This will reduce the burden on your hands. 

Moreover, the H251 motor is a brushless motor. It has two levels of suction, which is very large. It can clean all the debris on my carpet very well.

by: Harry Giles